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White-Tailed Buck

The white-tailed deer is native to North America but also has a range that extends south toward the equator. These deer are tan/brown in the summer months, but their coats turn a more grayish-brown during the winter. 


The coat is white around the animal's throat, its nose and eyes, along its belly...and most iconically on the underside of its tail.


Male white-tailed deer, bucks, have antlers. Mature bucks generally weigh between 150 and 325 pounds and stand just under 6 feet tall to the top of their rack.

Whitetail Buck Deer close up portrait of
Deer on a background of wild nature. .jp

Axis Buck

Originally from southern India, Sri Lanka, and Nepal, the axis deer was introduced to the US mainland as a game deer in the early to mid-1900s. These deer have a reddish-brown coat with white spots...which appear similar to the coat of a white-tailed fawn.

Its unique body is typically longer than a white-tailed deer, but its height off the ground is lower. The axis bucks have a distinct, sharp call. Axis bucks have also been known to bugle during the rut.

Axis bucks usually grow to weigh in at nearly 250 pounds and grow large racks, viewed by many hunters as disproportionate to the overall body size of the animal.

Red Stag

One of the largest deer species, the Red Deer is native to Europe but was later introduced to Australia, New Zealand, the United States, and many other global locales.

Stags generally range in weight from 350-550 pounds and are known for their tender, extremely lean, and rich meat.

Red Stags present a challenge for even the most experienced hunter. They're intelligent, elusive animals that will keep you on your toes for hours.

Red Stag racks are some of the most prized and highly-sought-after trophies in the world, primarily due to their overall size, and the number of points.

red deer males running together ( Cervus
A lone Blackbuck being chased by feral d


Blackbucks are actually a member of the antelope family and are native to the plains of India. These animals are extremely hardy and can tolerate extreme heat. They only need shade for a couple of hours around the middle of the day.

Males are known for their distinctive spiraling ridge horns that can grow to over 24 inches. With a shoulder height of only 35 inches and a mature weight of 75-100 pounds, this animal isn't the largest at Tradewater Ranch...but it's certainly the fastest.

Evolved to outrun every predator except the Cheetah, blackbucks are quick to sprint and avoid even the quickest hunters...which make them an exhilarating animal to hunt!

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